Customer Friendly Changes to American Express Cards

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American Express has added a few customer-friendly options to its credit cards.  One that may come in handy should you misplace your card and the other a more targeted, but still useful, addition to Amex Offers.

Card Freeze

For the life of you, you just can’t locate your card.  You’re pretty sure it wasn’t stolen, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

In the past, you either wait it out and hope fraudulent charges aren’t being racked up on your account (although the likelihood of you being responsible for those charges is almost nil) or you call and cancel your card.  The latter option being not the best if you then find the card 30 minutes later stuck between the couch cushions.

Now, when a card goes missing, all you have to do is log in to your American Express account, and under Account Services, select the Freeze Card button corresponding to the missing card.

Once you find your card, you can easily unfreeze your card and go about your business as usual.

When you freeze or unfreeze a card, the changes take effect immediately.

A few points related to frozen accounts:

  • Freezing prevents the card from being used for new purchases
  • Recurring bills (subscriptions or monthly bills) will continue to post to your account as usual
  • The card can still be used for digital wallet transactions and some online transactions at merchants where the card is on file
  • A frozen card will automatically be unfrozen 7 days after it’s initially frozen

And, if you don’t find your card, you can simply cancel it and order a replacement card online.

Amex Offers Tracking

This new feature will likely be of limited use for many, but it’s still nice Amex has added it.

Some Amex Offers allow for a specific Offer to be used multiple times.

This new tracking ability will show cardholders how many uses are remaining on a specific Offer.

This is fairly new, and like I mentioned, limited to a select number of Amex Offers.  Because of this, unfortunately, I do not have images to illustrate the process.

Just keep in mind that if you add a multi-use Amex Offer to your American Express card, you’ll now be able to see how many times you’ve used the Offer/how many uses are remaining.

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