Earn 1,000 United Airlines Miles Just for Joining

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For a limited time, United Airlines’ MileagePlus Dining program is giving 1,000 miles to new MileagePlus Dining members when a dining profile is created.

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This is about as easy as it gets for earning airline miles.  If you’ve never been a member of the MileagePlus Dining program, and you have any interest in accruing United miles, sign up NOW!

Okay, maybe that’s a little overzealous, but in all honesty, joining any airline’s dining program (most of the major airlines have one) is an easy way to build miles, especially if you have a number of participating restaurants in your area.

If you’re not familiar with the dining programs, all you do is create an online profile (known as the Online Member Level), allowing the program to send you emails, and you earn 3 miles per dollar spent at participating restaurants.  You must enter your credit card numbers to your profile – which is how your dines are tracked – and each time a registered credit card number is used at a participating restaurant, you earn miles based on the total bill.  Once your information/credit card numbers are entered, earning is automatic.

And if you elect to receive emails and you have 12 or more qualified dining transactions in a calendar year, you earn 5 miles per dollar spent.

I consider the miles earned dining out the icing, while this 1,000 mile sign-up bonus is the cake.  Even if you don’t have participating restaurants – or restaurants you don’t really care for – in your area, there’s no reason to not sign up just to get the 1,000 miles.

And if you can take advantage of earning miles eating at conveniently located restaurants, you can potentially earn another, easy, 2,500 miles (earn 500 miles when you dine at participating locations in your first 30 days and spend $25 or more up to 5 times) over and above the initial 1,000.

1,000 miles may not be enough for an award ticket, but down the road, when you’re 1,000 miles short for that business class award ticket to Europe, you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of this easy miles earning opportunity.

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