Hilton Honors Points Pooling Now Available

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A few months ago, Hilton announced changes to its rewards program, Hilton Honors.  One of which was actually to the program’s name itself, from Hilton HHonors to Hilton Honors.  Goodbye, second H.

That trivial change aside, another, more substantive change – and I feel extremely beneficial to program members – is now available.

The Hilton Honors program is now allowing its points to be pooled.  A total of 11 accounts can combine points toward a Hilton Honors award redemption.

A more apt description would be that I can now receive points from 10 of my family and friend’s Hilton Honors accounts so that I can finally book a vacation at a premier Hilton property.

I only somewhat jest with that statement.

True, some will argue that Hilton points are the most easily accruable considering the multiple Hilton Honors credit cards on which bonuses can be earned, and the very generous credit card category bonuses (12 points/$ at Hilton properties with the American Express Surpass card), as well as the high earning potential when paying for Hilton stays considering Hilton’s multitude of stackable stay promotions.

But, if you’re not a road warrior, spending numerous weeks each year in Hilton hotel rooms on which you – or your company – spends tens of thousands of dollars (which can be charged to your personal Hilton credit card for reimbursement), it’s difficult to amass the tremendous amounts of Hilton points often needed for extended (and by that I mean 5 nights) stays at higher-tier Hilton properties.

Here’s an example:

For a 5-night stay at the Hilton Pensacola Beach mid-July of this year, staying in a King Deluxe (Gulf view) Room, the total number of Hilton Honors points needed for an award stay would be…938,000 points!!

Wow.  And that’s not even what I would consider a “premier” Hilton property.

Which is why I find the new Points Pooling option so promising.  Now many, ordinary, Hilton Honors members can pool points to afford Hilton Honors award stays.

You can pool points 30 days after enrollment in the Hilton Honors program as long as there’s been activity in the account (a 90 day waiting period applies with no account activity).

So, start hounding your non-traveling family and friends to sign up for a Hilton credit card or two so they can pass their sign-up bonuses and ongoing credit card spend on to your Hilton Honors account.

With Points Pooling, Hilton award stays will become much more achievable.

You can create your Hilton Honors Points Pool today at this link.

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