Juicy Miles Makes Award Flight Searches Easier

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One of the hardest parts of the Miles and Points hobby – especially for those who aren’t advanced practitioners – is redeeming those hard-earned miles/points for the award flights you want.

Juicy Miles can help.

The process for hunting out currently available award flights is pretty simple. Just enter your departure and destination cities, dates of travel, class of service and number of travelers and Juicy Miles will search all available miles/points redemption options for your trip.

Then, select the award redemption option that’s right for you and either book the award flight yourself (moderate to advanced award booking skills likely required) or have Juicy Miles book the award for you for a fee.

You can check out the Juicy Miles site and sign up using this link.

Why Juicy Miles

The key benefit of Juicy Miles, at least from my perspective, is its ability to search the various redemption options for a specific trip.

Most Miles and Points hobbyists can find and book a basic award flight.

Say you have United miles and want to book a business class flight from the U.S. to Europe. For the most part, you’d log in to your MileagePlus account, search from your home airport (or gateway airports) for award availability to your desired destination and book the flight on United’s site.

Booking an award flight is pretty simple if you only have airline specific miles with which to book.

Add in transferable points, though, especially from a number of programs, and your award and pricing options become much greater.

Juicy Miles is able to show all the various redemption options for your travel itinerary, letting you decide which points/miles make the most sense to use.

Yes, with a decent understanding of the various award programs, intricacies associated with transferring points and a lot of patience to piece together specific itineraries and check for award availability, you can do the same thing Juicy Miles does.

The primary difference…likely hours, if not days, of your time, searching out what Juicy Miles can do in a minute or less.

An Award Search Example

Let’s say I want to travel from Nashville to Tokyo. My dates are fixed and I want a business class seat for the trip.

I enter that info and click search.

Redemption options from Nashville are limited for this specific search, but you can see Juicy Miles lists the various transferable options – in this case Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy (recently name changed from Marriott Rewards) for flights on Delta or United.

Selecting the Chase Ultimate Rewards option brings up the various United flights that could be booked by transferring those Ultimate Rewards points to your United MileagePlus account.

And selecting a specific itinerary provides details such as departure/arrival times, layover times, aircraft, class and actual miles that will be used to book the award flight.

Selecting American Express Membership Rewards brings up award options on Delta.

And, again, selecting a specific itinerary will display its associated details.

If only Juicy Miles could do something about Delta’s outrageous award pricing!

But, in a way, it can. Depending on your trip, it will show all the available options, including alliance/partner airline availability for which specific award pricing may be lower. As long as you have transferable points, spending fewer miles/points for the same exact flight is possible.

I’m sure Juicy Miles has limitations, and it might miss some flight options those with advanced Miles and Points understanding would be able to hunt out, but for those with basic to moderate Miles and Points redemption skills, Juicy Miles just might be the best way to search out your next award flight.

Juicy Miles Pricing

The one downside to Juicy Miles is its pricing.

Those who want to do their own award flight searching have two options:

  • A 5-day Unlimited Auto Search Pass for $9.99
  • A Membership + Unlimited Auto Search Plan for $29.99 per month

They also offer One-on-One Full Service Booking for $200 per passenger ($150 per passenger if you’ve paid the monthly fee) where a consultant will basically do the search for you.

And a Mileage Run option for $200 per passenger ($150 for monthly members).

As with any product pricing, only you can decide if these prices are worth the benefit you’ll receive.

Personally, I can find value in the 5-day $9.99 plan for trying out the service and booking an upcoming trip.

Which is exactly what I did with the Juicy Miles service. I gave the 5-day Pass a try and actually used the results to book a partial trip.

In the future, if obvious award redemption options aren’t showing, I might sign-up for another 5-day Pass to see what other options Juicy Miles might come up with.

The $29.99 per month plan, though, is a bit steep for me.

Wrap Up

Juicy Miles definitely is an option for novice to moderate Miles and Points hobbyists who need a little assistance navigating all the award redemption options that may be available for a specific trip.

Too often, those of us who don’t book award tickets, especially those with somewhat intricate overseas itineraries, on a regular basis, forget about all the options available to achieve our travel goals. Especially when a number of transferrable points (American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points, Marriott Bonvoy points and now Capital One Rewards Miles) are available.

Juicy Miles can aggregate the options, providing a guide for a specific itinerary that just may get you to your desired destination for far fewer miles than you could have found searching yourself.

Have you tried Juicy Miles? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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