Credit card sign-up bonuses, coupled with monthly accumulation of hotel points/airline miles earnings from spending on those credit cards, can be used for nearly free, or in some cases, completely free, travel.
The specifics of exactly how the process works are a little more involved, and the strategies for obtaining the best value for your efforts even more complicated.  But it boils down to nothing more than taking advantage of credit card sign-up bonuses to use for flights to locations you may have only dreamed of visiting and staying in hotels that may well be beyond your financial reach.
Financially Savvy Travel can demystify this process, map out your personal strategy and get you on your way to traveling to the places you really want to visit.
Below are our introductory posts on the Miles and Points hobby.  If you’d like a little more assistance getting started than these posts provide, we’d be glad to help.

Introductory Series

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