A Visualization of How Aircraft Seat Pitch Matters

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ID-100387829-2Recently I wrote a piece titled, “SeatGuru Can Make Your Next Flight More Comfortable,” in which I discussed how the site, Seatguru.com, provides a variety of information on aircraft seating that can be used to strategically pick an aircraft – or specific seat on an aircraft – that will make your flight a more tolerable experience.

Granted, if your flight is only a few hours, the seat information that can be gathered from SeatGuru might not be that vital.  Most of us can tolerate a little discomfort for a few hours.

However, if you’re looking at a flight that will be 6, 10 or even 14 hours in length, non-stop, seat information very well may make the difference between keeping your sanity as the flight progresses, and not.

The Points Guy‘s Zach Honig recently published a post titled, “Comparing Economy Seat Pitch, from 29 to 34 inches.”

The piece does a very good job covering pitch – the distance from the seat back in front of you to the back of your seat – and how it matters when it comes to comfort.

The best part of the piece, however, is the visual representations of an individual seated in seating arrangements with different pitches.

It really provides a good illustration of the difference between a 34 inch pitch and the somewhat less generous pitch options offered by many of the airlines you and I fly everyday.

Give The Points Guy’s piece a look and then check out SeatGuru to see how comfortable your next flight will be.

And then use the information from both to plan accordingly to help make your future flights more tolerable.


Image courtesy of jk1991 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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